I think the Broadmoor was first built as a high-end sanitarium for consumptives (the old name for folks with tuberculosis). In the 1800's and early 1900's a lot of people came to Colorado for the "cure." While living here wasn't exactly a "cure" for tuberculosis, the clean, dry air was healthy enough to allow the folks to finish out their final days in some sort of reasonable comfort. I'm continually amazed at how prevalent was the practice of renting to consumptives and caring for them until they passed on. A lot of our history books overlook this but it was a major business in the old days. And the problem was so prevalent in the eastern cities that Colorado was far more than just a breath of fresh air... it was a promise of brighter futures for the infected. As the tuberculosis bacteria has no respect for social status or strata, those with the money built places where they could care for their own, for a good profit, of course. In that respect, the Broadmoor has been a 5-star country club/resort/health spa from day one, and that tradition continues today.

However, the physical campus of the Broadmoor has evolved beyond its' original size and purpose with its' pristine air, great mountain views and man-made lake to become one of the premier all-around resorts in America. Add 72 holes of excellent and very close-by golf, the PGA Seniors Tour, a world-class health spa and excellent conference and convention facilities and you get today's Broadmoor, still setting the bar in Colorado Springs.

Special event pavilion at the Broadmoor
The Special Event Pavilion at the Broadmoor
Condos and townhomes near the Broadmoor
A block away from the Broadmoor
Townhomes at the Broadmoor
Two of the townhomes in the neighborhood
Townhomes at the Broadmoor
...and this is why I live way out in the woods...