North Crestone Creek

North Crestone Lake Trailhead is located just north of the town of Crestone. There is a paved road to the National Forest boundary. Immediately inside the Forest is this beautiful camping/fishing area. The trailhead itself is another mile up the gravel road, buried in the pines in the canyon. The scenery is quite spectacular with a lot of exposed, tortured rock.

The trail leads eastward into the Crestone Creek drainage. Once inside the mountains, there are trails leading to Groundhog Basin, Venable Pass, Phantom Terrace and North Crestone Lake, in the valley between Fluted Peak and Mount Adams.

When looking around in here, be careful you don't hurt your neck.

This trail leads only into the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness, so motorized vehicles, mountain bikes, hang gliders, etc. are forbidden. Access is by foot and horseback only.