Boise National Forest Trails

Trail Creek Road, Boise National Forest, Idaho
Along Trail Creek Road

In the list below are only some of the hiking, mountain biking, horseback-riding and ATV trails available in the Boise National Forest.

Cascade Ranger District
Big Creek Summit Trail
Burnt Log Trail
Campbell Creek Trail
Caton Lake Trail
Ditch Creek Trail
Dollar Creek Ridge Trail
East Mountain Way Trail
Gold Fork North Trail
Lower Ditch Creek Trail
Needles Route Trail
Rainbow Lake Trail
South Fork Gold Fork Trail
Stolle Meadows Guard Station Cabin
Summit Trail
West Mountain Jeep Trail
Wilson Creek Trail
Emmett Ranger District
Boiling Springs Cabin
Third Fork Cabin
Deadwood Lookout Cabin
605 ATV Trail
Airline Trail
Alley Trail
Antelope Trail
Bear Wallow Trail
Bitter Creek Trail (Emmett)
Bull Creek Trail
Gabe's Peak Trail
Greenfield Flat Trail
Joe's Creek Trail
Lightning Ridge Trail (Emmett)
Middle Fork Payette Trail
Monumental Trail
One Spoon Trail
Onion Valley Trail
Peace Creek Trail
Poison Creek Trail
Rattlesnake Trail
Renwyck Creek Trail
Sagehen Nature Trail
Sagehen Reservoir Trail
Scott Mountain Trail
Silver Creek Summit Trail
Station Creek Trail
Stratton Creek Trail
Tripod Peak Trail
West Mountain Trail
Wetfoot Trail
Wilson Corrals Trail
Idaho City Ranger District
Bear River Trail
Crooked River Trail
Grand Mountain Trail
Jennie Lake Trail
Johnson Creek Trail
North Fork Boise River Trail
Atlanta Cabin
Barber Flat Cabin
Deer Park Cabin
Dutch Creek Cabin
Dutch Creek Guard Station
Graham Cabin
Lowman Ranger District
Bitter Creek Trail (Lowman)
Blue Jay Trail
Catpaw Lake Trail
Clear Creek Summit Trail
Deadwood Ridge Trail
Gates Creek Trail
Habit Creek Trail
Jackson Peak Trail
Julie Creek Trail
Kirkham Ridge Trail
Lightning Ridge Trail (Lowman)
Link Trail
Lost Lake Trail
Nellie's Basin Trail
Porter Creek Trail
Red Mountain Trail
Stratton Trail
Switchback Trail
Ten Mile Ridge Trail
Tranquil Basin Trail
Wapiti Creek Trail
Warm Springs Cabin
Warm Springs Trail
Westside Trail
Wyoming-Fir Creek Trail
Mountain Home Ranger District
Lava Mountain Trail
Bear Hole Trail
Big Trinity Cabin
Camp Creek Trail
Crosscut Trail
Danskin Mountain OHV Area Trail(s)
Green Creek Trail
Cascade Lake, Boise National Forest, Idaho
Cascade Lake
Photos are courtesy of the National Forest Service.
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