Sawtooth National Forest Trails

There are more than a few trails in the lists below, but these are not all the available trails in the Sawtooth National Forest. As the Minidoka Ranger District lies south of the Snake River Valley, some of the high points along those trails can give you some great views over the Great Salt Lake and surrounding countryside to the south.

Sawtooth National Recreation Area
Trail Name Goes To: Round Trip Distance Elevation Gain Access from:
Titus Lake
Titus Lake 3 miles 500' Galena Summit Trailhead
Alpine Creek
Alpine Creek Meadows 5 miles - Alpine Creek Trailhead
Cabin Creek
Cabin Creek Lakes 9 miles 1,500' Cabin Creek Road
Tin Cup Trail
Yellow Belly Lake
Farley Lake
Alice Lake
Toxaway Lake
5.5 miles
8 miles
12 miles
16 miles
Petit Lake Road
Hell Roaring Trail
Upper Trailhead
Salmon River Trailhead
4 miles
10 miles
Decker Flat Road
Redfish Lake Trail
Fishhook Creek Trailhead
Bench Lakes
Marshall Lake
Inlet Trailhead
Alpine Lake
Cramer Lakes
Baron Lakes
4.4 miles
8 miles
10 miles
10.5 miles
10.5 miles
14 miles
16 miles
Redfish Lake Trailhead
Fishhook Creek Trail
Fishhook Creek Trail
Redfish Lake Trailhead
Inlet Trailhead
Inlet Trailhead
Inlet Trailhead
Iron Creek Trail
Alpine Lake
Sawtooth Lake
8 miles
10 miles
Iron Creek Road
Bridal Veil Falls Trail
Bridal Veil Falls 7 miles
Stanley Lake Trailhead
Boundary Creek
Casino Lakes 10 miles
Boundary Creek Road
Warm Springs Trail
Warm Springs Meadow 8 miles
Fisher Creek Road
4th of July Trail
4th of July Lake
Washington Lake
Phyllis Lake
4 miles
6 miles
4 miles
Fourth of July Trailhead
Horton Peak
Horton Peak Lookout 8 miles
Valley Road
Champion Lakes Trail
Champion Lakes 4 miles
Pole Creek Road
Lookout Mountain Trail
Lookout Mountain 12 miles
Rough Creek Road
Fairfield Ranger District
Trail Name Goes To: One-Way Distance: Motorized Vehicles: Access from:
Virginia Gulch Trail
North Fork Lime Creek Trail 3 miles - FSR #227
Iron Mountain Trail
Iron Mountain Lookout 9.3 miles Yes 1 mile west of Baumgartner Campground
Blue Ridge Trail
Blue Ridge 5 miles - Middle or North Fork of Lime Creek Trails
North Fork Lime Creek Trail
Virginia Gulch Trail 12 miles Yes FSR #55
Middle Fork Lime Creek Trail
Iron Mountain Trail 8 miles Yes North Fork Lime Creek Trail
South Fork Ross Fork Trail
Willow Creek-Ross Fork Divide 7.6 miles Yes Ross Fork Machine Trail
Ross Fork Machine Trail
North & South Fork Ross Fork Trails 7.5 miles Yes South Boise River Bridge
Perkons Lake Trail
Perkons Lake 3.0 miles No Ross Fork Creek Trail
Johnson Creek Trail
Alturas/North Fork Ross Fork Trails 7.1 miles - Ross Fork Machine Trail
North Fork Ross Fork Trail
Alturas/Johnson Creek Trails 3.9 miles No Ross Fork Machine Trail
Paradise Trail
West Fork Big Smoky Canyon 11.5 miles - 1/4 mile north of Big Smoky Work Center
Bremner Trail
Iron Mountain Trail 7.4 miles - South Fork Lime Creek drainage
Skeleton Creek Trail
Skeleton Creek headwaters 14 miles Yes FSR #227
Shake Creek Trail
Yuba River Trail System 8.5 miles Yes Shake Creek Road, off FSR #227
Willow Creek Trail
Ross Lakes 10.6 miles Yes 3/4 mile north of Willow Creek Campground
Big Smoky Trail
Big Smoky Divide 17.4 miles Yes Canyon Transfer Camp
Big Peak Trail
Placer Creek Divide 9 miles No Big Smoky Trail
North Fork Soldier Trail
Soldier Creek-Miller Creek Trail 5.5 miles No 1/2 mile upstream from Pioneer Campground
Soldier Creek-Miller Creek Trail
Pioneer Campground Road 1.75 miles No North Fork Soldier Trail
Boardman Creek Trail
Along South Fork of the Boise River 7.5 miles No FSR #227
Minidoka Ranger District
Trail Name Goes To: One Way Distance: Elevation Gain Access from:
Rim View Trail
Rock Creek 9.5 miles 1,900' Buckskin Ridge
War Eagle Trail
Pole Canyon 6 miles - Kelsaw Canyon
Big Cottonwood Trail
Big Cottonwood Junction 14 miles - Bostetter Campground
Cave Canyon Trail
Big Cedar Junction 8 miles - Sawmill Canyon
Ross Falls Trail
Ross Falls 1/3 mile - Bostetter Campground
Bull Flat
Bull Lake 5 miles - Clear Creek Campground
Independence Lakes
Independence Lakes 3.1 miles - City of Rocks
Ranger Trail
Green & Grape Creek Divide 11.1 miles - City of Rocks
Skyline Trail
City of Rocks 26.2 miles - Mt. Harrison Lookout
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