The Sangre de Cristo Mountains

From Custer County, Colorado

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

The Sangre de Cristo's mark the western horizon in Custer County. They rise pretty much straight up from the valley floor. The Rainbow Trail winds along through the San Isabel National Forest at the very foot of the mountains. While there are many hiking trails that cross the mountains east and west, there are no paved roads crossing the mountains in Custer County (there are a couple of 4x4 roads that cross the mountains into the San Luis Valley but they are rated among the worst in Colorado.)

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The Crestones
The Crestones between Marble and Humboldt
the Crestones
The Crestones between Humboldt and Colony Baldy
Mt. Adams
Mt. Adams, Little Horn and Fluted Peak
Hermit Peak
Hermit Peak rising above Conquistador Ski Area (closed)
Little Baldy
Little Baldy, Horn and Comanche Peaks
Humboldt Peak
Humboldt and Colony Baldy Peaks
Fluted Peak
Fluted and Horn Peaks
Blizzardine Peak
Blizzardine and Snowslide Mountains
Medano Pass area
Medano Pass area
Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado
Humboldt, Crestones, Colony Baldy, left to right logo
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