Crescent Valley, Nevada

Crescent Valley, Nevada
Crescent Valley Town Center

Crescent Valley is an unincorporated town in northern Eureka County. A few miles to the north is the ghost town of Beowawe, formerly a railroad town but now the site of a major geothermal power plant and a massive propane tank farm near the railroad tracks. This area still sees some mining activity but quite a few of the folks are into agriculture. Crescent Valley is large enough to have its own elementary school but middle and high school students are bussed to Battle Mountain for schooling.

Researchers have been examining data retrieved from on-site GPS stations that indicate the amount of mining and the pumping of water for agricultural purposes in the whole of Crescent Valley are causing a relatively rapid vertical and horizontal deformation of the ground surface, mostly in terms of subsidence of the surface as materials are removed below ground.

Crescent Valley, Nevada
The countryside around Crescent Valley
Fast Facts about Crescent Valley, Nevada
Crescent Valley, Eureka County, NV 89821
Elevation: 4,690'
Latitude: 40.4167°N
Longitude: 116.575°W
2009 Estimates:
Population: 627
Males: 334
Females: 293
Median Resident Age: 39.6 Years
Estimated Median Household Income: $53,250
Estimated Median Home Value: $54,750
2011 Cost of Living Index for Crescent Valley: 87.6 logo
Photo of Crescent Valley Town Center courtesy of Eureka County.
Photo of Crescent Valley courtesy of Jaroslaw Binczarowski.
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