Dunes OHV Recreation Area

The Dunes OHV Recreation Area is an 800-acre Bureau of Land Management site about 1.5 miles south of Farmington off State Road 371. The property is specifically for use by dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATV's, mountain bikes and off-road vehicles. The BLM site is bounded on the east and south by steep sandstone walls while the west side is against the Navajo Nation boundary. The north side is against private property and an active gravel pit.

Stay inside those four lines and have all the fun you want. Just pack out your trash so that things don't start getting in the way of the fun. And there's a vault toilet at the bottom of the recreation area.

There are active gas wells in the Dunes OHV Recreation Area. That means well pads, pipelines, traffic, heavy trucks, and miscellaneous oilfield equipment on the property. Be careful.

The property is open year round but may be closed for short periods due to authorized events.

Special rules:

  • Stay on the property and ride only in areas open for public use.
  • No firewood collecting.
  • No shooting of any kind.
  • Competitive, commercial and organized group events need permits.

Maps: BLM - Farmington; USGS - Kirtland, Farmington South