This is the form we are using for folks who'd like to sponsor and our efforts in the Accessibility field. A couple things to remember:

  • On the particular "Services" pages we place as many mentions, banners and buttons as folks want.
  • All sponsorship "creatives" space is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Once you pick a spot and subscribe, it's yours until you give it up.
  • When a page gets sponsored, all other forms of advertising go away on that page.
  • Sponsorship subscriptions are on an annual basis: in the same place for one year for a flat fee, no matter how many page views or click-throughs you get (it's our job to increase that as best we can).
  • We offer discounts for multiple page sponsorships: talk to us.

Just fill out the form below and click on the "Submit Form" button. Once we get it, we'll give you a call.

And one more thing: we don't sell or trade or give or otherwise transfer any of your data to anyone else. We don't like it when that happens to us and we won't do it to you.

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