Colorado's Cold Water Game Fish

Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout - Numerous black spots on light body. Pink streak along sides.
Brown Trout
Brown Trout - Abdomen usually yellow, large black spots and smaller red-orange spots with halos on sides.
Brook Trout
Brook Trout - White edge on front of lower fins, light wavy lines on back, yellow spots and red spots with halos on sides.
Lake Trout
Lake Trout - Light to dark green with white, irregular spots on head, body and most of tail.
Snake River Cutthroat Trout
Snake River Cutthroat Trout - Orangish-red slash marks below jaw, small profuse spots, reddish orange lower fins.
Kokanee Salmon female
Kokanee Salmon - Female - Bluish green along back, silvery sides, minimum spots.
Kokanee Salmon male
Kokanee Salmon - Spawning Male - Long snout, arched back, sides turn pinkish red to orange. logo