Hunting and Fishing on
State Trust Lands and Wildlife Areas
in Bent County, Colorado

Elk in the meadow
Elk in a meadow
Bent County State Trust Lands
Blue Lake - GMU 125
Keller Lease - GMU 146

Bent County State Wildlife Areas
Adobe Creek Reservoir
Horse Creek Reservoir
John Martin Reservoir
Purgatoire River

Bent County State Fish Unit
Las Animas

Blue Lake

Go west from Las Animas on Highway 194 to CR 10, then go north 11 miles to CR TT. Turn and go west 2.5 miles to east boundary of property. There are parking lots at: 1.) end of CR TT; 2.) at bridge on southeast corner of property; and 3.) at southern end of property.
ACRES: 14,059
OPEN: Year round.
HUNTING: Deer, pronghorn, waterfowl, upland game
FISHING: warmwater lake
RESTRICTIONS: Lake islands closed from May 15 to August 31; camping only as posted; motorized vehicles on designated roads only.


Keller Lease

Go 3 miles south of Las Animas on Highway 101 to CR DD, then 1/2 mile east to CR 13. Follow CR 13 for 1.5 miles to CR FF, turn east and go 1/2 mile, then turn north on CR 13.5 for 1/2 mile, then east on CR FF.5 for 7 miles.
ACRES: 1,520
OPEN: September 1 to February 28
HUNTING: Pronghorn, deer, small game
RESTRICTIONS: Foot or horseback access only.

State Wildife Areas

Adobe Creek Reservoir (Blue Lake)

Go 15 miles north of Las Animas on CR 10.
ACRES: 5,147
OPEN: Every day except when the lake surface is frozen over.
HUNTING: Deer, pronghorn, pheasant, rabbit, dove, scaled quail, waterfowl.
FISHING: Warmwater lake. Trotlines and jugs allowed. Walleye and saugeye Bag & Possession limit: total of 5 fish in agregate, all at least 15 inches long; only 1 walleye or saugeye in the agregate longer than 21 inches allowed per day.
RECREATION: Boating, sail boating, wind surfing, camping, waterskiing, hiking, wildlife observation.
FACILITIES: Boat ramps, rest rooms.
RESTRICTIONS: Closed 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise (except for fishing); no ATV's, dirt bikes or snowmobiles allowed; Dams, inlets, outlets closed, except for fishing.


Horse Creek Reservoir

Go 8 miles north of La Junta on Highway 109 to Cheraw, then turn and go 2 miles east on CR JJ.5 to CR 33. Turn onto CR 33 and go 7 miles north.
ACRES: 2,603
FISHING: Warmwater, jugs and trotlines allowed
FACILITIES: Boat ramps, rest rooms
RECREATION: Wind surfing, power boating, waterskiing, camping, wildlife observation
RESTRICTIONS: Closed from 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise except for fishing; No ATV's, dirt bikes or snowmobiles allowed; Closed when the lake is frozen over; Dams, inlets and outlet structures closed except for fishing.


John Martin Reservoir

Go 20 miles east of Las Animas on US 50 to Hasty, then turn and go 2 miles south of Hasty. See also John Martin Reservoir.
ACRES: 22,325
HUNTING: Small game, pheasant, dove, waterfowl, scaled and bobwhite quail.
FISHING: Warmwater
RECREATION: Sail boating, windsurfing, power boating, waterskiing, camping, hiking, wildlife observation.
RESTRICTIONS: No ATV's or dirt bikes allowed; Closed except to retrieve downed waterfowl November 1 through last day of waterfowl season; Field trials may be authorized February, March, August and September only; Walleye and saugeye Bag & Possession limit is 5 in agregate, 15" long, only 1 walleye or saugeye in the agregate longer than 21" allowed per day.


Purgatoire River

From the Bent County Courthouse go south on Highway 101 for 1 mile to CR 10.75, then south on CR 10.75 to CR EE, then west to CR 9.5, then south 1 mile to the property at intersection of CR's 9.5 and DD.
ACRES: 960
HUNTING: Small game, scaled and bobwhite quail, pheasant, turkey, dove, waterfowl.
RECREATION: Hiking, picnicking, wildlife observation



From Bent County Courthouse, go south on Highway 101 for 16 miles to CR P. Turn onto CR P and go west 1 mile to CR 11, then south on CR 11 for 6 miles.
ACRES: 2,438
HUNTING: Pronghorn, rabbits, dove, bobwhite quail, scaled quail.
RECREATION: Picnicking, wildlife observation
RESTRICTIONS: No camping or fires allowed.

State Fish Unit

Las Animas

From Las Animas go 4 miles west on Highway194, then turn and go north on CR 5.5 to the property.
RECREATION: Limited tours, wildlife observation
RESTRICTIONS: No dogs or camping allowed.

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