Hunting and Fishing on
State Trust Lands and Wildlife Areas
in Kit Carson County, Colorado

Kit Carson County, Colorado
Kit Carson County State Trust Lands
Landsman Creek - GMU 103

Kit Carson County State Wildlife Areas
Flagler Reservoir

Landsman Creek

Go 18 miles north of Burlington on US 385, then turn and go east on Yuma CR O.
ACRES: 332
OPEN: September 1 to May 31 for hunting
HUNTING: Deer, pheasants, turkey, quail, doves, coyote, rabbit
RESTRICTIONS: Foot access only

State Wildife Areas

Flagler Reservoir

Go 5 miles east of Flagler on Road U.
ACRES: 400
HUNTING: Deer, small game, dove, pheasant, turkey, waterfowl
FISHING: Warmwater
RECREATION: Camping, picnicking, hiking, wildlife observation, power boating, water skiing.
FACILITIES: Boat ramps, rest rooms
RESTRICTIONS: No boating allowed during waterfowl season except float tubes or watercraft powered by hand, wind or electric motors; Water skiing allowed on Sundays and Mondays June 1 to August 31, other than that: no whitewater wakes; Hunting limited to youth mentoring only, 1 mentor per youth.

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