In 1864, the John C. Dewey family, pioneer Mormon immigrants from England, settled in an area called Empey Springs. Shortly, other settlers moved in, too, and the area became known as Dewey Springs. The first school was built in 1869, the first Sunday school in 1872 and the post office was established in 1873 with John Dewey as postmaster. 1877 saw the organization of an LDS ward with John Dewey as Bishop.

Deweyville was a stop on the Utah Northern Railroad, which was taken over by the Oregon Short Line Railroad (part of the Union Pacific Railroad) in 1874. The Oregon Short Line Railroad converted the narrow gauge tracks to standard gauge and converted Deweyville into the main shipping point for Bear River Valley-bound goods and supplies until 1901 when the Malad Valley Railroad was built. Deweyville also grew with the construction of the Hammond and Bothwell irrigation canals. The town boasted 2 boarding houses, a brewery, several saloons, a barber shop and lumber, mercantile and hardware businesses. However, the town didn't get a community water system until the Public Works Administration built one in 1941.