Glenrock, Wyoming

Glenrock is located in the foothills at the northern edge of the Laramie Mountains near the confluence of Deer Creek and the North Platte River. Just east of town is the Dave Johnston Power Plant, a huge, coal-fired electric generating plant that employs many of the folks in Glenrock.

Glenrock is located on the Oregon, California and Bozeman National Historic Trails. The Chicago North Western Railroad built a rail line through here back in 1911, although the town of Glenrock had been established in 1909.

For years this was a cattle/sheep ranching area, until the coal mines got underway and the power plant was built. (The original plan for the power plant was based on using coal from the Dave Johnston Coal Mine, which is now in the final stages of reclamation.)

These days, the area around Glenrock is a hotbed for potential wind farm projects. Folks have also discovered some remarkable dinosaur fossils in the area, most notably a Triceratops named Stephanie found at a site just north of town. It was that discovery that led to the founding of the Paleon Museum in Glenrock, a showcase for many of the dinosaur fossils found in the area.