Moorcroft is located in southwestern Crook County on the banks of the Belle Fourche River, at the intersection of US Highway 14 and Interstate 90. While Moorcroft is on the main road leading to Devils Tower National Monument, another big draw here is Keyhole State Park on nearby Keyhole Reservoir.

In the 1890's, Moorcroft was probably the largest railroad shipping point in the U.S. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad built a line through here in 1891 on their way to Gillette. In those days, the roadhouse, store and saloon built here made up the settlement of LaBelle. The name was changed several years later when the Lincoln Land Company (a subsidiary of the railroad) bought the area to plat as a town and sell building lots. A mail and passenger route that ran 3 days a week to Sundance via stage line was established in 1892. The first store in Moorcroft was established in 1892 in a 12x14-foot walled tent. The first hotel was built the next year. Moorcroft grew steadily for 20 years before business and growth started to level off.

These days, cattle and sheep ranching are still very big around here but coal mining and oil production are quickly rising in importance.