Bar Nunn, Wyoming

Bar Nunn doesn't have much of a history as such, the town is built on the runways of the former Casper/Natrona County airport. The airport "usage" was moved further west out of Casper in 1952, and the site of the former Waddell Field was bought by Romle Nunn, a local rancher and businessman.

In 1954, Nunn paid $20,500 for the whole 640-acre site and looked forward to building the "horse center of the Rockies." However, in 1958 he subdivided the property for residential use and filed the paperwork for the Bar Nunn Ranch Subdivision.

The Bar Nunn Ranch Homeowners Association started seeing problems with getting street repairs and snow removal done in the late 1970's, so the members voted to incorporate as a town. The Subdivision was incorporated as the Town of Bar Nunn in 1980.

Recently, Bar Nunn has led the state of Wyoming in population growth, with that number rising by 62.7% between 2000 and 2007.