The first skiing on Grand Mesa started back in the 1940's with a single rope tow. Then in the '50's, the Mesa Creek Ski Area opened with one surface lift. Powderhorn Ski Area opened in 1966 with a double chair and a surface lift, about 2 miles below the old Mesa Creek Ski Area.

Over the years, Powderhorn has been sold to different developers and entrepreneurs. It became Powderhorn Resort in 1988. Today, the Inn at Wildewood and Wildewood Restaurant have been newly renovated and enlarged. And in 2007, the Resort added 6 miles of mountain bike trails and an 18-hole disc golf course.

The Powderhorn Resort base area offers a snack bar and a cafeteria. There is also an equipment rental and repair shop on premises. Nearby lodging includes the Inn at Wildwoode and the Goldenwood Condos.

Powderhorn was scheduled to go on the auction block on August 4, 2011, another casualty of "the Looting of America" by Wall Street, the big banks and the politicians who colluded with them for so long.