Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a 30,750-acre property in western Colorado. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison Wilderness occupies 15,599 acres of the National Park. The Wilderness encompasses the most scenic 14 mile stretch of the canyon cut into 2-billion-year-old gneiss by the Gunnison River. This is the deepest narrow canyon in America, an area where the sun may never shine directly on the river at the bottom of the canyon. In places, the river is down about 2,400'. In places the canyon is only 40' wide at the bottom and 1,100' wide from rim to rim.

There are no well-maintained trails that drop over these walls but somehow, some fishermen make their way down to the river and catch some of Colorado's biggest trout. Most folks consider the Gunnison in this area to be unrunnable, but there are other experts who try it regularly, although there are sections where even they pick the rafts up and carry them around. If you can get there safely, camping along the canyon bottom is allowed. As for climbers, these are among the most difficult cliffs in the state to climb. They are not for beginners or the inexperienced. Pre-climb and post-climb registration is required, and while you are signing the register, talk to the ranger about your plans and see what he thinks.