Living Green
in the American West

earthship living in a rural paradise
An Earthship, between Taos and Tres Piedras, New Mexico

We've finally come to a time when Living Green has come into mainstream consciousness. Living Green encompasses a lot of different ideas but, to me anyway, it consists of things like:

  • Alternative construction: earthships, straw bale construction, passive-solar design, site-based design, etc.
  • Alternative power sources: solar power, wind power, geothermal power, biomass, etc
  • Reuse and recycle systems: gray water, composting toilets, etc.
  • Food production: organic gardening, cold frames, indoor growing, etc.
  • Rain catch systems (now that that has become legal in Colorado)

I'm going to start putting things into this section of this overgrown hobby-site of mine addressing these issues. There's something about ecologically sane, environmentally responsible methods of living that appeals to me, and has for a long time. As more and more folks like me decide to retire into this vast, intermountain countryside, living green is going to become a bigger and bigger issue. The more we know about it and apply it to our daily lives, the better (and more planetarily harmonious) the rest of our lives will be. And our children's lives, and our grandchildren's lives...

As always with this website, this is a work in progress. Things will be added over time, just don't hold your breath... unless, of course, you want to...

Straw bale home
A straw bale home in southern Colorado logo
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