Elkhorn Mountains

The Elkhorn Mountains are south of Helena. About 70% of the Elkhorns is publicly owned. A consortium composed of private landowners, the BLM, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and the National Forest Service cooperatively manage about 300,000 acres in the Elkhorn Mountains with the primary management emphasis on wildlife and habitat, and then on dispersed recreation. The Elkhorn Mountains are home to one of Montana's healthiest elk herds, and selected areas are closed year-round or on a seasonal basis to protect and preserve wildlife values.

At one time, the Elkhorn Mountains saw a lot of human traffic: trappers, miners, Native Americans, and there are still many old wagon roads, hunting trails and jeep trails in the Elkhorns. There is also a number of old mining ghost towns scattered through the mountains. Many areas are open to motorized use and favorite activities here include camping, hiking, mountain biking, hunting and wildlife watching.

Near the town of Radersburg, the BLM offers the Crow Creek Campground: 8 camp sites with tables, fire rings, restrooms and an information kiosk. There is also access there to a small OHV riding area. There are no fees involved and the area is open year-round, subject to travel restrictions in wildlife areas. Radersburg is on Montana Highway 285, 7 miles west of US 287 at Toston.

Elkhorn Mountains area map
Elkhorn Mountains area map
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