East Carbon City Hall

As Utah goes, East Carbon is a relatively new town. Previous to July 23, 1973, East Carbon was two struggling mining towns named Columbia and Dragerton.

Dragerton was founded in 1942 as a development of the Defense Plant Corporation. It was originally named for WL Drager, the chief engineer for the Defense Plant Corp. but when the Post Office was opened, the Postal Service rejected the name saying it too closely resembled "Draper," the name of another Utah town. So the name was changed to Dragerton.

In the late 1960's, the population in the area was peaking (folks didn't know it at the time) and they needed to build a new high school. Dragerton and nearby Sunnyside competed for the school to be built within their city limits and, in the end, Sunnyside won out with the school being built just inside the Sunnyside city limit. Then the school district named it East Carbon High School. So when Dragerton and Columbia were merged and incorporated, the folks thought changing the city name to East Carbon was, in effect, retaking the high school. Then the high school was torn down and an elementary school was built in the same place.

Columbia was located about 4 miles southeast of Dragerton and even though it is now officially part of East Carbon City, most folks still call it Columbia.