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Oak City

Millard County is in west central Utah with the Fishlake National Forest on the east side and Nevada on the west side. Millard County is home to the Desert Range Experimental Station, Fort Deseret and the Gunnison Massacre Monument.

In the early 1850's, Utah applied to Congress for statehood and the LDS leaders decided to build a capital city near the center of the state. Fillmore is the location chosen for the capital. So the town and the county were then designated and named for the 13th President: Millard Fillmore. Their application was denied but they began to build a Territorial Statehouse anyway. In 1858, the Territorial capital was moved to Salt Lake City.

Millard County contains 6,589 square miles of land and 239 square miles of water. The county seat is Fillmore. Near the center of Millard County is Sevier Lake, a nearly dry remainder of the ancient Lake Bonneville that at one time covered most of the state of Utah and a good bit of Nevada.