Newcastle, Wyoming

Newcastle is in a beautiful location in northeastern Wyoming: where the Great Plains and the Black Hills meet, about halfway between Devil's Tower National Monument and Mount Rushmore. For all the Wild West history buffs out there: just east of town is the route of the Cheyenne-Deadwood Stage Line. Just off the old stage route on Salt Creek a speculator decided to build a town in the place where he thought the railroad just had to go through. His name was DeLoss Tubbs, and his "town" was called Tubbtown (although it was also called "Field City"). It was about 4 miles east of today's Newcastle in big cattle country, near a hand-dug oil well, so you can imagine the clientele in the many saloons... although one of the more famous genteel visitors was Calamity Jane Canary. Anyway, the railroad did bypass Tubbtown and when lots in the town of Newcastle went on sale on September 10, 1889, everyone in Tubbtown moved. Seems one saloon owner just jacked up his bar, put it on a wagon and sold drinks all the way to Newcastle.

So Newcastle was founded in the days of the great range wars in Wyoming, that time in history when the great cattle barons and their cowboys were busy trying to drive out the flood of new homesteaders (see Johnson County War). About 7 miles northwest of Newcastle was the coal camp at Cambria, a place where 31 different nationalities lived in harmony (there were no saloons allowed) between 1887 and 1928. If folks from Cambria just had to go out and whoop it up, they went to Newcastle.

These days, Newcastle is quite a bit more peaceful. The BNSF still has 2 sets of tracks running through Newcastle and a large railyard in town. This is still big cattle country but there are no desperados making their way through the area headed for the saloons, gambling tables and gold mines of Deadwood and the Black Hills. The last local hanging and the last Indian War happened back in 1903... but if you're in the area you might want to check out the Anna Miller Museum and get a good look at how it used to be around here.

Fast Facts about Newcastle, Wyoming
Newcastle, Weston County, WY 82701, 82715
Latitude: 43.8532°N
Longitude: 104.2093°W
Founded: 1889
Elevation: 4,327'
High School or Higher: 83.8%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 12.2%
Graduate or Professional Degree: 3.9%
2011 Cost of Living Index for Newcastle: 82.9
Median Resident Age: 40.1 Years
2009 Estimates:
Estimated Median Household Income: $51,990
Estimated Median Home Value: $89,980
Population Density: 1,281 People per Square Mile
Major Industries:
Mining, Health Care, Educational Services, Lodging & Food Services, Government, Wood Products, Oil & Coal Production, Construction, Transportation Services, Retail Services, Social Services, Finance & Insurance Services
Unemployed (March 2011): 6.5%

Population Demographics: 2010

Total Population 3,532
Males 1,905
Females 1,627
Population by Age
Under 18 776
18 & over 2,756
20-24 242
25-34 485
35-49 685
50-64 702
65 & over 571
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino 119
Non Hispanic or Latino 3,413
Population by Race
White 3,341
African-American 15
Asian 9
Native American 57
Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 2
Other 36
Two or more 72