Luning, Nevada

Luning, Nevada
The Hard Rock Market in Luning

Luning is a small, unincorporated former mining community about 25 miles east of Hawthorne on US 95, in the valley between the Excelsior Mountains and the Gabbs Valley Range. By most accounts, Luning is one or two steps from being a complete and utter ghost town. However, in the heyday of Nevada's early mining years (the late 1800's), Luning was a boom town for several years. Many of the original buildings stll remain but most of the site is deteriorating quickly... If you are driving through, don't expect very much in the way of services.

Fast Facts about Luning, Nevada
Luning, Mineral County, NV 89420
Latitude: 38.5059°N
Longitude: 118.1786°W
2009 Estimates:
Population: 78 logo
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