Nellis Wash Wilderness

Nellis Wash Wilderness, Nevada
In the Nellis Wash Wilderness
Nellis Wash Wilderness, Nevada

The 16,423 acres of the Nellis Wash Wilderness are completely within the boundaries of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Nellis Wash Wilderness is located in the isolated Newberry Mountains on the west side of Lake Mohave. This is an area of fingerlike drainages emptying into alluvial fans that extend to the east. Elevations range from about 2,000' to 2,789'.

This area did see some mining in the old days so you might come across some remnants of that out here. In spite of the presence of drainages, this is a severely water-challenged area and summer temperatures often peak above 120°. Most vegetation is typical creosote bush scrub. Side-blotched lizards, jackrabbits, scorpions, tarantulas and several species of rattlesnake make their homes here. You might also find desert tortoise in the area of the Piute-Eldorado Valley Desert Tortoise Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

On the southern boundary of Nellis Wash Wilderness is Spirit Mountain Wilderness.

Nellis Wash Wilderness
Looking across Nellis Wash Wilderness to Lake Mead
Nellis Wash Wilderness map
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