In 1921, the Union Pacific Railroad laid track between Gering, Nebraska and South Torrington, Wyoming. Along the way, that line passed several miles east of a ranch that had been homesteaded in 1881 by Phillip Yoder and his family. Phillip Yoder passed on in 1910, but his son Jesse stayed on and in 1921, he helped organize the Goshen Townsite Development Company to build a new town beside the railroad tracks. Springer and Lacy Corners, 2 tiny old crossroads settlements were cannibalized for buildings and everything usable was moved to the site of Yoder. Shortly, Yoder had hardware, grocery and dry goods stores, a creamery, a bakery, then a brick schoolhouse and a weekly newspaper. By 1925, between 500 and 600 people called Yoder "home." Yoder prospered until the days of the Great Depression took out most of the local businesses and the population started dwindling away.