Huntsville, Utah

A man named Jefferson Hunt founded Huntsville in 1860. The town had grown enough by 1877 that an LDS Ward was organized with Francis Hammond as Bishop.

Huntsville is located about 12 miles east of Ogden in Ogden Valley. Huntsville was incorporated as a city in 1903, then disincorporated in 1909 (because the city was bankrupt). Huntsville was again incorporated in 1924 but as a town this time.

In the early days, Huntsville was the center of a cattle-and-sheep-ranching area with significant farming and dairy operations happening, too. Today, on the eastern side of Pineview Reservoir and surrounded by the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Huntsville is in the heart of a large recreational area with Snow Basin, Powder Mountain and Wolf Mountain ski areas nearby. Most folks commute down the hill via the Ogden River Scenic Byway to Ogden for work.